Amy Oelsner is releasing her latest album, Shell, at the end the month. The Bloomington, IN-based musician has shared two tracks, “Planet Blue” and “Rest Stop,” so far, and today she’s back with the album’s third and final single, “Crushed.” It’s a pinched-up song about young infatuation played out against the banality suburban sprawl, feeling like the spark attraction can make the world more fascinating. “Getting crushes to survive/ Getting crushed on the other side,” Oelsner sings on it.

Here’s what she had to say about the song and video in a statement:

“Crushed” is about looking back on that time in late adolescence/early adulthood when you don’t have much a place your own in the world, so you find spaces that are yours in the public sphere. Abandoned roads, parking garages, suburban hideaways- somewhere to discover yourself and each other. The video was directed by Anisa Curry Vietze and animated by Hadley Gephart. Not too long ago, Anisa attended the teen center where I worked with her friends (who were also featured in the video.) It was special to work with them on this project as it tied together my own personal memories adolescence with my present self, who works to empower young people in their creativity as an Arts Educator and Organizer.

Watch and listen below.

Shell is out 10/25 Winspear. Pre-order it here.

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