A Viral Egg Challenge For Dogs Has People On Edge

A Viral Egg Challenge For Dogs Has People On Edge

On Saturday, one dog owner captured the attention the Internet with a challenge that has since gone viral.

Carrie and Steven DuComb Michigan said they heard golden retrievers can hold eggs in their mouths without cracking it because they have gentle jaws. They decided to test out the idea and they filmed their 8-year-old Sookie holding an egg without a scratch.

Carrie’s niece Haley Bowers eventually posted the clip on Twitter and it’s since received over 9 million views.

Folks were so inspired by the act, they started trying it with their own dogs. Everyone wasn’t as successful.

There were also folks who weren’t amused by the act at all, seeing it as a health risk.

In an interview with New England Cable News , Carrie, who’s worked at a veterinary clinic for more than 20 years, said she wasn’t worried about putting her dog at risk. “As long as food is involved she will learn quick,” Carrie said.

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