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Public Enemy's Professor Griff Top 5 Murder Master Music Show Moments: "F**k Russell Simmons – If He Did That S**t To My Daughter…" –

Public Enemy's Professor Griff Top 5 Murder Master Music Show Moments: "F**k Russell Simmons – If He Did That S**t To My Daughter…" –

Pressor Griff’s part the Rock-N-Roll Hall Fame group Public Enemy which known for standing up for the people. Griff was on to speak about his upcoming film The Oculist where he broke down hidden symbolism right in front your eyes and its being done by some America’s biggest corporations. He also broke down some dope Public Enemy history, went in on Russell Simmons and much more! We could have easily done a best 10 for this “Murder Master Music Show” episode!

1. The Oculist film and Hidden Symbols in Corporate America

What does the Bank America logo look like? If you really look close the logo is actually a square and if you look in it the logo is made 3 number 11’s. What’s the 11th letter the alphabet? You got 3 number 11’s which is “KKK” inside the Bank America logo? Aren’t you curious right now? We have to look at it now and say what is really going on! That’s just one example, I am putting 39 other examples in the film (the Oculist), that is right in front us!

2. I was never signed to Def Jam and P.E.’s original plan

I was never signed to Def Jam. The deal was a deal that Chuck had and he brought the rest us on. The only people that were signed to Def Jam were Chuck and Flava. Me, Terminator X, S1Ws, and Bomb Squad had other deals that we signed with them which legally they were Public Enemy as far as paperwork was concerned, but what made the group the group and run and operate was course the Bomb Squad, Terminator X, Pressor Griff and the S1Ws. That actually was the group! I’m not sure if the world would have taken to just Chuck-D as Public Enemy. He did a solo project and it just didn’t measure up. I was never signed to Def Jam and it wasn’t devastating because that was my plan along with Chuck’s plan, two years in and then out. We didn’t know the group was gonna have the impact that it had. We was thinking get in, shock the industry and run that motherf*cker upside down and get out. Hopefully we can get out with our lives! That was the plan! What happened, that was a long story!

3. I ended up getting thrown under the bus and vilified

I ended up getting thrown under the bus and vilified for what I said which was basic normal conversation among Black men in the hood whether white people were around or not. I think it was because I was the one who was funneling the information. You have to keep in mind I was the road manager and the leader the S1Ws. So I set up how the show looks and how we ran it and what songs we played. That was my job, my role! I would provide the information but not all the information because I don’t wanna take anything away from Chuck or the Bomb Squad. But when you got somebody on your team doing all the background work it was easy to do what we did, that was our formula!

4. Russell Simmons is a slimy piece sh*t

That f*ckin’ piece slimy piece f*ckin’ sh*t ball!. F*ck that bald headed a** f*ckin’ coward, he wanted to take credit for signing Public Enemy but it was Rick that had interest in Public Enemy not him, F*ck Russell! F*ck that prick! If he did that sh*t to my Daughter we wouldn’t even be on the phone right now. I would see that coward for real!.I don’t put nothing past none them and I warned people about these people. He was picking f young girls and boys!

5. Public Enemy Logo was LL Cool J’s Hype man E-Love

That is E-Love. He was LL Cool J’s Hypeman on stage. He was standing on stage with in a B-Boy stance. We had no reason to be malicious towards anybody. We weren’t children we were grown ass men coming into the industry. I was f*ckin’ grown! E-Love knows who it is, Chuck knows who it is.

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