Natalie Portman's Annihilation: "This Film's Scenery, Acting & Overall Intellect Make It Worth The Hype To Go & See" (Get Your Screening Passes Now!) –

Need a reason to head out? Want to watch a cinematic masterpiece? Tired seeing the same flicks?

Today, check out the top five reasons you should go see Natalie Portman’s upcoming Annihilation movie when it hits theaters nationwide Friday, February 23. Make sure to check out each reason and grab some select city screening passes!]

Reason 1: The Intense Trailer

The first reason you should see Natalie Portman’s Annihilation movie Friday, February 23 is because the intense movie trailer. It’s very rare a movie teaser starts f generally slow and then picks up to the level Annihilation. Just when you think you’re going to watch some lovey dovey romance movie, things go 0 to 100 real, real quick. Natalie Portman’s face alone tells you this is going to be a quality piece work but then when you see her going head-first into a mysterious rainforest-looking terrain, strapped like Call Duty, you know intensity awaits. The trailer alone gives you enough a teaser to get hyped and see how crazy things get in this sci-fi thrill ride!

Reason 2: The Early Reviews Are Insanely Positive

The second reason this is a must-see movie is because the early reviews. With the exception Black Panther, have you seen many movies, notably in the sci-fi genre, which are pumping out positive feedback? Just look at the straight to Netflix release Cloverfield Paradox – tons mixed reviews. How about Will Smith’s Bright movie? Very lopsided. But Annihilation seems like a completely different situation with reviewers and critics alike glowing up about how special this release is. The high praise for this film’s scenery, acting and overall intellect make it worth the hype to go and see.

Reason 3: Alex Garland

The third reason you should see Annihilation is because the genius which makes up Alex Garland. If the name doesn’t strike you right away, then just think about some his notable flicks, especially Ex Machina. If there is only one film you need to see to realize how amazing Garland is, it’s that 2015 movie. The sci-fi thriller about a female robot and the scenery surrounding it too is just a little sample how vivid Garland’s mind is. His writing game is legit too having pieced together the novel The Beach which later turned into a major Leonardo DiCaprio movie release. Put your trust in Alex, this movie lives up to his own hype.

Reason 4: Natalie Portman

The fourth reason you should go see Annihilation is because the one and only Natalie Portman. Her track record speaks for itself. She demands attention when on-screen and completely dominates the trailer alone. You can tell there is some serious female power here and it’s great to see a film which relies on a force women, all scientific, smart and forceful taking on some unworldly beings is just too much to ignore!

Reason 5: Stacked Cast

The fifth reason this is a must-see movie is because the cast. Sure, Alex Garland is behind the lens and Natalie Portman is running things but just take a look at everyone else involved. Jennifer Jason Leigh, Gina Rodriguez, Tessa Thompson and Oscar Isaac are just a few the familiar faces you’ll see in this sci-fi thrill ride. The cast looks amazing. The trailer is phenomenal. There is just too much excitement and anticipation to pass up on this movie. It’s a must-see.

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