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Discover the Raw Talent of 2051 Paper, BAI, and SG BlackBoy in “Thug Love (T.L.)”

Discover the Raw Talent of 2051 Paper, BAI, and SG BlackBoy in “Thug Love (T.L.)”

FTR Records, an esteemed music label hailing from Atlanta, has recently produced a fresh Hip Hop and R&B track called “Thug Love (T.L.).” The up-and-coming talents from the city, BAI, SG Blackboy Cal, and 2051 Paper, have infused a unique twist into the traditional Gangster rap genre by adding a dash of romance and intrigue, making it a non-traditional Valentine’s Day song.

The accompanying visuals for “Thug Love (T.L.)” were directed by Nimi Hendrix and executive produced by George Howard. The music video showcases SG BlackBoy Cal, 2051 Paper, and BAI heating things up on the rooftop of an Atlanta building, as well as capturing the sizzling nightlife and underground vibes of the city’s club scene.

“Thug Love (T.L.)” offers an honest and genuine portrayal of contemporary relationships that tend to hurt more than they heal. BAI delivers a powerful performance with her compelling vocals, expressing her attraction for “bad boys” and revealing her vulnerability with the lyrics “I’ll be trip trip trippin’, cause I can see how you love me so easy, don’t think I can handle the pain if you leave me, I’ve been giving you my all, please believe me.” Meanwhile, SG BlackBoy Cal and 2051 Paper showcase their charisma and charm, promising to provide the audience with “real Thug Love” that they won’t be able to resist.

The joint effort by BAI, SG BlackBoy Cal, and 2051 Paper has left their followers craving for more. While it remains uncertain if they will team up again, it’s apparent that each artist is poised for stardom. “Thug Love (T.L.)” showcases the authentic abilities of these rising musicians and introduces a new twist to the traditional Gangster rap scene.

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