The FL-based rap artist Harry Wright, better known as Dirty Harry, keeps the hip-hop world alive by releasing new tracks one after another. Since 2008, the artist has been working really hard on making a difference in the industry. However, the force, attitude, and devotion he puts into his craft are as powerful in 2020 as never before. The artist has already released "Blue Face" and "Sleepless Nights,"  both atmospheric, strong on lyricism, and with flawless music production. 

Many genre enthusiasts concluded that the artist has shown his full potential and reached his top with the powerful releases. However, with his most recent release, "Shake Back," Dirty Harry states that now he is putting the bar even higher. The release claims that the artist has no means to stop or stay within the achievements that the previous releases brought to him. Instead, he levels up his genre game, sometimes even going beyond the genre. In the release, he shows his smooth vocals; his voice mixes perfectly with his already well-known hard-hitting mannerism; it sways through the artist's signature style beats, making strong statements. 

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