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<strong>Carsn. Releases The Exceptional New Album <em>Mixed 3motions</em></strong>

Carsn. Releases The Exceptional New Album Mixed 3motions

Carsn. releases the impressive new album Mixed 3motions. Recorded over a year span, this full project is one of his most accomplished body of works to date and offers a deep insight into the young talent’s multitude of skills and creative powers. 

Speaking about the recording process and inspiration behind his new album in a recent interview, Carsn. shared: 

“I probably had recorded about 50 songs as I put this thing together, but I narrowed it down to the 14 that were most special to me. To put it simply, it’s about the current and past struggles of growing up and transitioning into who I want to be in life. In other words, finding myself through the process of recording. I looked at it like a therapy session when I was recording the album and I think this is what lets the feelings flow[…],” before adding: “Each song on here represents a lesson I’ve learned on my own through the past year in terms of relationships, friendships, current life situations, etc. There have been a lot of changes in my life over the past year and the album shines a light on those changes. I think this project is one to be proud of as I produced about 70% of the album, which was a first for me, and of course wrote the whole thing myself. With that said I’m grateful for every individual listen and those who take the time to dive into Mixed 3motions to give it a listen.” 

The emerging Texas-based artist officially started his career with the release of “General Gentleman,” his debut single released in 2022. “Rip Away” and “Pick a Side” were his next releases, to which listeners responded with exceptional love and engagement. 

The charming young man and a truly innovative artist is making all the right moves, often appearing where nobody expects him to and yet always brilliantly delivering in each of the projects he undertakes.