American rapper and songwriter Calvin Kingston announced his upcoming release about 6 days ago, shortly after having released “Black Cigarette,“ a song that came in a bundle with a powerful animated music video created by Tristious.

“Throw” may not have a music video but it surely has the signature sound of the young rapper - fusing a sense of Futurism to HipHop.
With his high notes and seductive texture at the same time, Calvin Kingston’s vocal work takes us on a journey of imaginary neon lights and head-nodding rhythms.
This young talent is creating a kind of music that has the ability to speak for itself. With no lazy or cheap sounding beats and samples on this tune, Calvin offers music that is intentional and tasteful, making it intriguing and anticipating with the overall tone of the upcoming record he promised to drop out soon.

While seeing so much hit potential in this guy we admire his great voice, his strong songwriting skills, his natural charisma. They say the whole album is mixed and mastered by Eestbound which means that being surrounded by a team that has the ability to market someone into radio popularity won’t make any genre lover be disappointed.

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