After weeks anticipation, Kanye West, Dame Dash and Cam’ron‘s long-awaited Honor Up movie has arrived both in theaters and through video on-demand. Although it’s not a much-needed State Property 3, after watching this gritty street crime tale, there are more than enough reasons why this should hold you over until Beanie Sigel and Dame get the cameras rolling again. Peep ’em below!

1. All-Out Warfare

Let’s face it – one the biggest things people took away from the State Property movies is the now-infamous catchphrase, “Get it or lay down.” Most people don’t watch Scarface for the choreography or South Beach sunset – Honor Up is the gritty, shoot ’em up and protect your territory we all loved from the State Property franchise. Much more polished and extra dramatics with slo-motion effects, Honor Up gives you that street essence and feel we’ve been waiting on since 2005.

2. Notable Faces

Unless you decided to just go right into Honor Up without looking at the IMDb or even the cover art, you should know there are some heavy-hitters involved in this high-energy, action-packed thrill ride. Damon Dash really dominates the screen as a main character, OG, while there are other standouts you just can’t miss out on – Cam’ron, Smoke DZA and Murda Mook to name a few. The hip-hop tri portion the State Property franchises was guessing or spotting as many cameos as possible. Whether it was JAY-Z mumbling street orders in State Property or N.O.R.E. playing the gangster Spanish newcomer ready to cease the streets, the underlying hip-hop presence from State Property and really a lot Dame Dash’s films comes out perfectly in Honor Up.

3. The Soundtrack

As evidence with Black Panther: The Album – a well-made and original soundtrack can really help pad a movie for the better. Too many classics to name like “Roc The Mic” spawned from State Property. Well, with a predominantly hip-hop main cast, you knew it was only right to hear collaborations and fresh music land on this movie’s soundtrack. Seeing Smoke DZA and Cam’ron get gritty in their “Ghost Dipset” visual or hearing Murda Mook put in some lyrical work makes the film even stronger and more in-tune with what happens on the screen.

4. Dame Dash Backed

Did we already mention Dame Dash – the main nucleus – is fully behind this project? Not only does he narrate as on-screen character OG, Dash is fully behind the creation Honor Up, directs it and course is a co-writer with Kevin Bennett. Much like the State Property movies, Dame’s presence was felt and without a doubt his presence is felt here both on-cameras and f-camera.

5. Brotherly Harlem

You can’t have a gang flick without territory, right? Just like State Property placed its full attention on Philadelphia, Honor Up relies on the streets Harlem to really dish out its tales. How fitting is that? Consider the fact the standout in State Property is Beanie Sigel, a native Philly, and Cam’ron, Dame Dash and even Smoke DZA have Harlem in their blood, it only makes sense to give this flick its proper credentials.

The future is unknown for State Property 3 hopefuls but in the meantime, Dame Dash delivers a solid body work every fan can appreciate with Honor Up.

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