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2Pac Affiliate Napoleon Top 5 Murder Master Music Show Moments: "2Pac Had A Dream That Something Bad Happened To Biggie – He Wanted To Squash It" –

2Pac Affiliate Napoleon Top 5 Murder Master Music Show Moments: "2Pac Had A Dream That Something Bad Happened To Biggie – He Wanted To Squash It" –

Recently I booked an interview with 2Pac’s brother Mopreme and the day the interview one my co-hosts, Pittsburgh Pat informed me that Napoleon was going to call in for an interview that same day all the way from Saudi Arabia. We spoke about everything from 2Pac’s plans for Death Row East to Makaveli ending his feud with Nas. Check out some the highlights from this dope Murder Master Music Show exclusive interview!

1. The 2Pac & Nas Feud Ending

I was there and that was one the most respectful things I was able to witness as a youngster. We were in New York City and we were deep. We had Jersey homies, my homies, Fatal homies, Khadafi homies and everybody was strapped. Nas and them had the whole Queensbridge with them. I know we had 10-15 gats with us and it could have gotten ugly but Pac and Nas spoke like men. I remember Nas would say something in Pac’s ear because it was so loud in the crowd and they had a conversation and it was love. Pac told Nas I have a song I was dissin you in called “Against All Odds” but when I finish my trip from Vegas I’m gonna remove your name from it, but unfortunately Pac died and couldn’t do it. And Pac said it to us and told us he was gonna remove his name.

2. 2Pac Wanted To End Notorious B.I.G. Beef After Bad Dream

I heard him a few times saying he didn’t want nothing bad to happen to Biggie. I heard it coming out his mouth. He said “I don’t want anything bad happen to Biggie I just wanted to spank him!” He had a dream that something bad happened to Biggie and he told us about it and said “I don’t really want nothing bad to happen to him!” You can see that he still had that love there because I know Pac if he hated someone he hated you and didn’t care what happened to you so I know he wanted to squash it.

3. Confronting Jimmy Henchman About 2Pac Quad Studio Shooting

We were heated, we were strapped and when we ran down on him I was with my brother and a few Jersey cats and we confronted him and he said “I never told anybody to shoot Pac, they did that on their own”, we confronted him to let him know that there was some unanswered questions that he needed to address.

4. Living In Saudi Arabia

I have been in Saudi for seven years. I converted to Islam about 15 years ago and I wanted different scenery and I wanted to study the Arabic language. I wanted to raise my kids in a different environment. It’s like the old school down south environment we use to hear our Grandmothers talking about, all the neighbors know each other and everybody gets along. A peaceful environment!

5. 2Pac’s Death Row East Plans

I think they was definitely trying to sign Run DMC to Death Row East and they was gonna make Eric B the CEO Death Row East. They definitely was dealing with Greg Nice because him and Pac had a great relationship. Pac was doing this to show there was no East Coast West Coast beef and it was not what the media was trying to portray!

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