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Premiere: Jef K & Mikael Weill remix Analog Inside's 'Keep On'

Premiere: Jef K & Mikael Weill remix Analog Inside's 'Keep On'

The Citylow imprint has long been a reputable source of excellent house and techno music. Characterised by a dedication to rich, analogue sound palettes and an unrelenting dedication to vinyl, the label is managed by none other than Alfredo Trastulli aka F.T.G, whose name you may also recognise as the man behind the fuckthegovernment label. 

Citylow’s latest is a two track affair that sees Trastulli work alongside Siyha Kuma under their Analog Inside guise. The original, ‘Keep On’, offers a tough techno workout, but we’ve plumped here for the sounds of Jef K and Mikael Weill’s remix

One of Paris’ most acclaimed DJs and producers, Jef K has been doing his thing for some time now to huge acclaim in the French capital. Gritty and relentless, his remix here alongside Mikael Weill is notable for its steely bass hits and a stubborn refusal to compromise. A gnarly jam that soon comes to life courtesy of a quite brilliant bassline, this one is sure to make an impression wherever it’s let out of the bag. 

Listen to Jef K and Mikael Weill’s remix below and look out for the full release when it drop 15th December on Citylow. You can also pre-order the release herePhotographer (c) Gildas Corgnet – Jef k & Mikaël Weill