Meet the new power duo on electro-R&B music, Sage Suede and Dazmin D’Leon, with the release of their new EP titled Glossy. Glossy is home to a collection of 5 tracks (4 songs and 1 remix), and is a fantastic proof by these artists to merge their strengths together and connect on the deepest levels. The tracks are sensual, groovy, and often create a singular and mysterious atmosphere that consistently builds-up until the end, accompanying the listener in a journey where sounds, lyrics, and vibes, are united into a otherworldly oneness.  

Sage Suede, after dropping his full album Thicc Juicy Bass earlier this year, is showcasing his unstoppable creativity and dedication to music, as we can now easily say that he is one of the most prolific and inventive singer-songwriters and producers in the game. Stay tuned for more on the latest news and updates of this power duo!

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